Animalians are introduced at the start of Season One. They are very prominent in the series, as they have an important and underlining purpose. Most of the notable antagonists are Animalian.

What defines an Animalian?Edit

If you type in "define animalian" on the search bar, I guarentee you that Google won't be able to give a straight answer. When this word is used it usually is for describing something that is "like an animal".

This definition is only unique to Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu.

In some people, there lives a genetic code resembling those of a distant non-human ancestor. This genetic code is strong enough for a human to have similar traits of the particular creature. E.x.: If your non-human ancestor was a lion, you may have the same preferences in diet.

Sometimes this genetic code is so strong in humans, that they are able to manipulate their physicality so it coincides with their ancestor.

Animalian' have sprung the legends of werewolves, mermaids, sphinx, and many more mythical creatures with animal torsos/busts.

In a basic summary, one would say that an Animalian has the capability of transforming into their non-human self. Mishaps in transformation are possible, as confusion can cause random changes in the body. In one episode, a Giraffe Animalian was so frightened and surprised that he only transformed the lower half of his body, and he fell over due to the weight of his long neck.


Certain Animalians have some disdain towards normal humans. Normal humans are so entransed with technology, that they are ruining ecosystems that animals depend on.

Animalians seem to think that they are self-aware of their difference from normal people. It has been implied multiple times that Animalians disclude themselves from humanity. The fact is, normal humans will never understand the abuse that animals will potentially go through. Normal humans will also never understand the joys of natural flight and enhanced abilities.

When it comes to "mating", Animalians seem to personally prefer others of their kind. Animalians are so few or unfindable because of humans. Also, by mating with a human it thins out the animalistic bloodline and the abilities of transformation for future children. To have that loss and inability to fit in would be terrible.

Some Animalian individuals simply distance themselves from humans, or feel neutral about the difference and don't say anything on it.